Candle Followers Brass


Brass Candle followers for 5cm diameter candles

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These followers are for our 5cm diameter candles.

The candle followers sit around the top of a lit candle. As the candle burns, the wax melts and the follower holds the melted wax in, whilst the stricture rests on the topmost solid portion of wax. Candle followers are often deliberately heavy or weighted to ensure they move down as the candle burns lower, maintaining a seal and preventing wax escape. The purpose of a candle follower is threefold:

  • To contain the melted wax, making the candle more efficient, avoiding mess, and producing a more even burn.
  • As a decoration, either due to the ornate nature of the device, or (in the case of a glass follower) through light dispersion or colouration.
  • If necessary, to shield the flame from wind.



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